My Garbage Disposal Smells. What Do I Do?

To stop stinky scents, you should grind up food refuse right away with cold water and run your disposal long enough. Generally, 30 seconds will do the trick.

Stop dumping coffee grounds, eggshells, potato peels and banana peels into your disposal, as they create drainage troubles and unpleasant odors. While bleach seems like a wise idea for freshening your garbage disposal, it solidifies grease and other food residue in your pipes, resulting in clogs.

Our San Antonio plumbing Experts advise doing one of these green combos every week to keep your disposal smelling fresh:

  • Hot water and baking soda
  • Hot water and dish soap
  • Hot water and vinegar

You can also buy garbage disposal pods or grind up citrus peels to control scents.

If your garbage disposal smells like a sewer, you may be having a leak. Reach the specialists at 210-570-9705 for plumbing service in San Antonio.

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