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We Guarantee You'll Approve of Our Professional AC Installation in San Antonio

When you are looking for AC installation in San Antonio, you should avoid skimping and letting just anyone put in your new system.

That’s where the specialists from San Antonio Air Service Experts arrive. Not only do we have the qualifications and endorsements to back up our expert air conditioning installation, we’ll give you a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.*

Call us at 210-570-9705 to book your AC installation right away.

5 Signs You Should Schedule Air Conditioning Installation

Your air conditioner will begin to give you small hints that it’s failing. Here are five of the most typical ones.

  1. You regularly need repairs. As your air conditioner ages, it becomes less energy efficient and more likely to problems. If we’re frequently at your house for air conditioning repairs, it might be time for a new air conditioner.
  2. Repairs are more than half the cost of a new air conditioner. Repairs quickly add up. When they’re more than half the cost of a new air conditioner, it’s recommended to replace yours.
  3. Your air conditioner is more than 15 years old. With annual air conditioning maintenance, your cooling system could work for 20 years. However, it’s wise to start preparing for replacement near the 15-year mark so it’s not a surprise.
  4. Your air conditioner runs on R22 refrigerant. If your air conditioner was installed earlier than 2010, it potentially uses R22 refrigerant. This refrigerant is discontinued because of its damaging effects on the ozone layer. Since R22 has been discontinued, resolving a refrigerant leak would be extremely expensive.
  5. You want to reduce your electrical costs. Selecting an ENERGY STAR® air conditioner and pairing it with a smart thermostat is a good method to save on energy costs. Even if you’re replacing an air conditioner that’s just 10 years old, the Department of Energy says a more efficient model could save you 20–40% on electrical bills.

At San Antonio Air Service Experts, our Experts will collaborate with you to pick the right model for your budget. We’ll also perform a Manual J Heating and Cooling Load to confirm right sizing.

We get that needing a new air conditioner can be a crisis you’re not fully financially prepared for. That’s why we provide flexible financing. For just one low monthly fee, you’ll get a new air conditioner. You won’t have to have a down payment, and installation costs, annual maintenance and repairs are all incorporated. Plus, you’ll get to pocket any valuable manufacturer’s rebates.

As a prized Advantage Program member, you’ll also receive 24/7/365 priority service and no overtime or trip charges—ever!

What to Expect All Through Air Conditioner Installation

What differentiates us from every other HVAC service company in San Antonio? Here are several of the approaches we take when we’re installing your system.

When our professional techs are at your residence, you can expect they’ll install your new equipment for optimal effectiveness. And they’ll have your residence and garden in an unchanged condition as when they showed up.

Outside of that, you can relax knowing you’re working a fully licensed, bonded and insured company.

  • Orderly installation—When the installation work requires us to walk inside your residence, we’ll wear shoe covers to guard your floors from mud. We’ll also use drop cloths around the installation spot to keep your flooring shielded from messes during our work.
  • First-rate service—Our pros are ACE-certified. This indicates they’ve gone through rigorous schooling to achieve the most desirable technical licensing in the industry. 
  • Attention to the little things—We’ll go through an installation worksheet during the process to ensure every single little item is taken care of. We’ll also ensure everything is running properly and meets local laws before we are done. Once installation is done, we’ll make sure you know how to program your new thermostat and equipment.
  • Periodic updates—We’ll let you know how everything is progressing and when you can count on us to be wrapped up.
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